Transplant Quarantine Blues

To the extent people are interested in updates about my condition, I will be using this space to write about my experience waiting for a heart transplant, before, during, and, hopefully, after a global pandemic. I will sometimes write about how I came to need a transplant. Sometimes, I’ll write about the people who have cared for me since it was determined I should get a transplant. Sometimes, I’ll write about the business of transplants, the science of my disease, and of the hospitals where they are performed. Sometimes, I’ll write about some stuff that is totally unrelated to transplants or my health or pandemics because, seriously, who can stand to think about this shit all the time.

I had been waiting for a heart as a status 4 prospective transplant recipient for 200 days when UNOS, the national organ sharing network, decided to place all transplant prospects, who are stable, on “inactive” status as of 3/25/20. Look Ma, I’m famous!

Needing a heart transplant is kind of stressful, which is not great for your heart. Waiting for a viable heart during a pandemic that could kill you, when your transplant center is a major treatment location for said pandemic, is even more stressful.

I hope to use this space to relieve some of that stress by writing a little bit every day, some of which writing, I will publish. Please join me. At the very least, it will be an interesting story with a major event at the end that could go either way. Lets hope for the Hollywood ending.


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